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Dear Customer, DEPO Customs Agency is a company  with wide experience in customs and forwarding services market offered by qualified and experienced staff. We offer  modern logistics facilities.


Placing your order with us you will have such benefits, as:

  • TIME: We will deal with customs services efficiently, the goods will be delivered to the indicated place, either in the European Union or in any other region of the world within the framework of standards in force,
  • PEACE: Our company has over fifteen years of experience. We offer you our professionalism and active participation in proceedings before customs authorities,
  • SAVINGS: We will organize the most convenient transport for your products: by sea, road or air. To lower the costs we will offer you temporary storage warehouse and bonded warehouse  where your products can be stored even for indefinite period of time without costs resulting from customs duties and taxes,
  • SAFETY: We will provide security for the customs debt in approval procedure, transit or in case of excise commodities. Moreover, we will organize secure transport of sensitive products in the whole united Europe.

As you can see, when you entrust us with your commodities you will be offered services of the highest European standard.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our services.

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 58 344 01 18

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