Logistical facilities


Our undoubted advantage is the modern logistical facilities.


We have two logistics centres not far from DCT Gdansk, the largest port on the Baltic Sea. At the moment we have a total of 15,000 m2 of warehouse space equipped with modern reloading facilities. Warehouses in both our locations have the status of a customs warehouse. In addition, we provide services of a tax warehouse with banding and labelling of bottles. We offer all our clients professional advice and active representation of their interests before the customs office.


We invite to cooperation companies interested in customs and tax warehouse services, as well as in labelling, banding and loading - especially oversized goods, and all those interested in logistics services.

Depo Head Office and Kasztanowa Logistics Centre

The depo's offices and our first logistics centre are located at Kasztanowa Street, which is a modern office facility and a fully equipped 2,000 m2 high bay warehouse with 3,000 pallet spaces.

There is both a Temporary Storage Warehouse and a Customs and Tax Warehouse.

Sienna Logistics Centre

Along with the development of our company, we are expanding the second logistics centre at Sienna Street in Gdańsk Stogi


A comprehensive logistics centre - modern warehouses, a large container and loading yard and a specialist machinery park. Today, with an area of about 13 000m2, after the expansion, the final size of space is 21 000m2


Warehouse areas at our disposal:


  • two storage marquees 1 and 2 - each with an area of 800m2
  • tin warehouse for loose materials with an area of 1700m2.
  • new tent Warehouse No. 3 designed for loose goods with an area of 1540m2
  • new tent warehouse no. 4 with an area of 840 m2
  • container yard with an area of 7500 m2
  • during the adaptation, an additional square of 7459m2
  • planned construction of a 2100m2 high-bay warehouse

Specialised transhipment equipment

Heavy duty machines Sienna:

SMV Kalmar (popularly Reachstacker)

Self-propelled boom lift truck with a lifting capacity of 38 tonnes, the most versatile machine for handling entire containers 



  • possibility to remove a full container from 20 to 45 feet to level 0
  • possibility to remove/load heavy goods by means of belts/slings
  • possibility of unloading/loading oversized goods

Mec Lift ML1812R

A multi-purpose machine with a lifting capacity of 18 tons capable of transporting the load in any situation and its automatic lowering of the cabin allows for complete entry into the container.

  • possibility to remove the full 20 foot container to level 0
  • possibility of unloading the container (180cm forks, 400cm forks for unloading of non-standard pallets - load max 4 tons)
  • possibility to unload/load sheet metal, concrete etc.
  • possibility of unloading/loading passenger cars, delivery trucks
  • possibility to unload/load coils of steel, aluminium etc.
  • possibility of unloading/loading long elements - rods etc.
  • possibility of unloading/loading oversized goods

Caterpillar 988H

Universal wheel loader with 7m3 bucket, used for loading and transporting all types of bulk materials.

  • possibility of loading materials directly onto a truck or into a container
  • possibility of unloading/loading of small loose materials: gravels, granulates, pallets as well as rocks, granites, coal.
Sienna lightweight machines:

Bobcat S650 - mini loader

  • Loading of bulk goods onto vehicles  


Forklift Promag FGL 35T - forklift truck with a load capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes (2pcs)


Forklift Promag FGL 50T - forklift truck with a load capacity of up to 5 tonnes 


Forklift truck Jungheinrich TFG320 - forklift truck with a load capacity of up to 2 tons

  • possibility to unload/load goods on pallets
  • possibility to unload/load goods in barrels up to 500kg (barrel grab)
  • possibility of unloading/loading passenger cars
  • possibility to unload/load loose goods packed in big bags up to 1 ton
  • possibility to unload/load goods directly from and into containers
  • possibility of unloading/loading of IBC 1000l containers (tanks)


Why cooperate with Depo?

  1. We have many years of experience on the TSL market
  2. We offer professional advice at every stage of cooperation
  3. We have 15,000 m2 of available storage space
  1. We have specialized handling equipment that enables container handling as well as loading and unloading of all types of materials
  2. We provide comprehensive logistics services: Transport, customs clearance, warehousing
Contact with us
Office address 

P.H.U. Depo Sp. z o.o.

ul. Kasztanowa 9

80-540 Gdańsk

Contact details 

Secretariat Depo

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 58 344 01 18

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Sales Department

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Customs Agency

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